I’m always on a road trip, and the one thing I wish for… that somehow everyone else can see what I see.   I’m really not into 5 star resorts, I prefer to go where the locals go.  I like to learn from the locals and respect their culture.

I’ve travelled all over New Zealand, mostly on the smell of an oily rag and that’s how I like it.  As long as I have money for fuel and to purchase local food then I’m good, nothing else I need… oh hang on, I do like to buy hand made jewellery! Its so beautiful and made with love!

I’ve also travelled to India, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Australia, Thailand.


I’ve travelled all over NZ and I really wish I’d written about my travels way back, I guess now is better than never!!

Omaio Bay – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Te Hapu Bay – West Haven Inlet South Island, New Zealand

Waiotahe – Bay of Plenty, New Zealand


Vidigal Favela – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

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