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Sailing the Amazon River

Sailing the Amazon River – Peru to Columbia

The only reason we were sailing the Amazon river was because we missed our flight to Columbia then randomly met a Dutch man staying at our hostel who told us about the river.  I don’t even remember his name but I can see his face perfectly, he was an older man probably in his 60’s.  He was well travelled with many romantic stories about the women he’d encountered along the way.   He had lots of energy and was very white, its an odd comment I know.  If you’d seen the area we were staying in you’d see why it was strange to come across him.  I guess the universe wanted us to miss our flight, meet this one guy who insisted we sail up the Amazon river, cross the Columbian boarder and have a once in a lifetime experience… it was meant to be! We said goodbye to our new Dutch friend and parted ways, we will probably never see him again.  Life is so bizarre sometimes. There are many travel agents near Lima’s airport so we booked a cheapish flight to …

Waiotahi – a journey to my ancestors

I’m almost in Waiotahi, my jandals are off and I’m driving bare feet.  The smell of the ocean is swirling through my car.  This is how I like it.  Waiotahi is where part of me comes from, I’m a half-caste.  Maori/German. I’m here for a family reunion on my Maori side, my Great Grandparents Mariana & Te Waihirere. Our Kaumatua (Maori elders), including my mum, tell us stories in Te Reo (Maori Language) as we visit the pa and the house my mum grew up in. My ancestors roamed this land, they had food, water and each other.  Some lived on a pa, like this one I stand on.   A pa was not always a village though, they were often used to spot the enemy and defend their land. When they didn’t have to fight for their land, I’d like to think they had time to look at the view.  I’m also pleased to say that most pa sites in NZ are protected so no one can build a house on them.  They are for people to visit and to learn …

Te Hapu Bay

After a whole year in Auckland, I can finally escape the traffic, the paleo cafes, the smell of coffee  and parking fines.  Boxing Day 2014, I fly to the Nelson to be with family.  The next day we load up the Ute and then we are gone!… off to the West Coast, South Island.  It takes about 3 hours and the last hour is dirt road, how I just love a dirt road.   Sliding the Ute on the dirt, making dust trails behind me, knowing that there is hardly anyone on that road.  The road into Te Hapu Bay is steep in places, if you weren’t already intimidated by the dirt road this will test you.  If you’ve grown up in the country, you are home! Te Hapu, this is my chill out Bach! I’m surrounded by my family, friends, the rugged west coast weather, Texas Holdem Poker!  I need this time to reset, to think, to rest.  

Omaio Bay

Te Huinga (Jack) Karauna… my Nana Pa, built this little bach for my Nanny Rima and his whanau. They have both since passed but the memories are still very close, both very loving people who taught me a lot about living off the land. Omaio is a secluded bay and remains as it was yesterday, there are no beach front developments and I’m yet to see a yuppie walking with latte in one hand and cell phone in the other.  The locals are friendly, most of them speak Te Reo which was so beautiful to hear.  The weather is hot.   There is no shower, there is a creek! There is no cell phone reception here, you are completely oblivious to what is going on in society, which is fantastic!   There is no power,  this makes you get up, go collect Kai Moana (Seafood), go for walks, talk to people and at night, you play cards next to the candle and you write the scores on the back of a beer box!  … this is my family bach in Omaio Bay, …