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Foraging in the Waitakere Rainforest

I’m taking friends out on a guided hike today, they are keen to explore the Waitakere rainforest and I’m keen to show them how bountiful the bush can be if you know what you’re looking for.  We are hiking the Upper Huia Dam Track It’s been raining heavily the last few days, the track is rougher than usual.  We look like ballerina’s leaping through the bush, or maybe we look like monkeys swinging from branches trying not to get our boots stuck in the mud.   Above us we can hear the Tui singing and a Kereru watching us plot our way through the mud.  The Miromiro ahead of us darts back and forward guiding us along the track. It’s an advanced walk, even if you are fit it can still be challenging.  I met two groups of people turning back warning me that the track is too difficult and muddy.  This is true if you are unfamiliar with the Waitakere Ranges, some of these tracks will put many people off.  It’s not a track for …

Tom Thumb Bluffs

Hiking around the Huia Bluffs.

It had rained heavily in the last 3 days making the tracks rough. Fletcher adds a bit more, it climbs up a step spur then onto a ridge following the bluffs to Don McLean Track.  I’m following Fletcher – Karamatura – Tom Thumb Tracks in Huia. The first section is a steep climb, moving quickly towards the ridge.  The rain had washed debris down the hill, completely disguising the track. I followed the markers for a good part of this ascend. Its not a well worn track, maybe in the summer but I’m walking in winter and I don’t expect to see anyone.  I do know that there is one other person is on the track because I could see his tracks (I knew he was male because of his boot size, bush skills I learnt from my father finally come into play).  I did catch up with him later, he’s from the South Island and needed some time out in the bush.  I related to this very well. I reached the ridge and it …

Cacao and Berry Smoothie

This smoothie came about when I was making cacao and pistachio bliss balls.   There is always cacao in my cardboard and berries in the freezer.  Because I don’t eat dairy, almond milk is a must in the fridge at all times. Oh and chia seeds, these tiny little things pack a punch when it comes to sustaining consistent energy.  They should be classed as a super power, maybe they already are!? Cacao and Berry Smoothie – Sugar Free / Dairy Free Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups organic almond milk 1 cup frozen berries 1 banana 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder 1 Tbsp chia seeds Method: Mix it all in a blender and sprinkle with some coconut and nuts  Enjoy! I’m still buzzing from this!