As a mum I was a terrible cook!  Usually working two jobs, exhausted and didn’t know how or what to cook.   Now, thanks to the internet, Hells Kitchen, Master Chef etc etc… I’ve been able to broaden the taste buds and create some delicious meals.

You do need to know though that I don’t eat any red meat, I removed it from my diet over a period of 2 years (I come from a farm so this was difficult to mentally diguest).  I also don’t eat/drink dairy, mostly because I’m not into the way the cows are treated and also because I can get more calcium from vegetables than milk.   I do eat fish from the markets and eggs!

My cooking styles are a bit gung-ho and wild so the safest thing for you to do is taste while cooking, I’m constantly tasting and then I forget how much I added.  Anyway, they are simple recipes.


Bliss Balls-9

Cacao and Pistachio Bliss Balls – Sugar Free / Dairy Free


Muesli and Cashew Cream Vegan / Dairy-Free / Gluten Free


Quinoa Afternoon Boost Vegan / Dairy-Free / Gluten Free


Aubergine Rolls with Honey, Mint and Sesame Seeds Vegan / Dairy Free / Gluten Free

Bliss Balls-10

Cacao and Berry Smoothie – Sugar Free / Dairy Free

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