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Mt Zion – Pararaha Loop

Mt Zion – Pararaha Loop


2.15hrs – this time is for the loop, however allow plenty of time to go exploring the wetlands.

Easy – Moderate

Map Pararaha1

Mt Zion – Pararaha Loop

Mt Zion is probably the easiest Mt in NZ, the car park is almost at the top.


Mt Zion Ridge track

From the car park, it’s an easy walk to the top.

You won’t know that you’ve reached Mt Zion, there is no sign or lookout view.

Turn off down the Zion Hill track.


Track is rough under the feet!

Pararaha Samsung-2

View out to Pararaha

Half way down and you’ll start to see Pararaha.


Small Shannon in giants tall grass

The first sign you are in the wetlands is when you walk through the tall grass.

Pararaha Samsung-3


Pararaha Samsung-4

Wetlands looking out to the coast


last half of a bliss ball … almost forgot to take a pic!

Recipe: Cacao and Pistachio Bliss Balls


Resident Chicken


Map of this walk in detail: http://my.viewranger.com/route/details/NTYzMjM=

Have fun!  🙂



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