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Quinoa Afternoon Boost


This is so easy, I always have Quinoa, nuts and almond milk handy.  Today, I really couldn’t be bothered with another salad so I quickly whipped this up.  You can have it for breakfast too, its a great starter for the day.

Quinoa Afternoon Boost Vegan / Dairy-Fee / Gluten Free

1/2 – 1 cup of any cooked Quinoa – have more if hungry

1/2 cup mixed nuts

1/2 cup dried fruit

Few berrys or any fruit – I use frozen berries, they defrost quickly

Lemon Zest

Drizzle Olive Oil

Almond Milk – I make mine but organic versions are always nice to buy and have in the fridge for these moments

Add the Quinoa to a plate/bowl,  zest the lemon and drizzle the olive oil.  Throw on the nuts, fruit and berries.   Add your Almond Milk and hey presto you have a quick sustaining afternoon boost!  Its that easy, but add what ever you want to it to make it tastier.  Some people add salt but I’m good without it.

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