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Te Hapu Bay

After a whole year in Auckland, I can finally escape the traffic, the paleo cafes, the smell of coffee  and parking fines.  Boxing Day 2014, I fly to the Nelson to be with family.  The next day we load up the Ute and then we are gone!… off to the West Coast, South Island.  It takes about 3 hours and the last hour is dirt road, how I just love a dirt road.   Sliding the Ute on the dirt, making dust trails behind me, knowing that there is hardly anyone on that road.  The road into Te Hapu Bay is steep in places, if you weren’t already intimidated by the dirt road this will test you.  If you’ve grown up in the country, you are home!

Te Hapu, this is my chill out Bach! I’m surrounded by my family, friends, the rugged west coast weather, Texas Holdem Poker!  I need this time to reset, to think, to rest.


My son, he made a camp fire and we slept under the stars. This was my highlight for 2014.

Te Hapu -6

Driftwood Henge?


Only Grandma can make a jellyfish sting better


Even the rain days are beautiful


Favourite beach in the entire world, I’m serious!


The shelter


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