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Piha – Centennial Track

4hrs Medium .


If it rains, be very careful where you are walking due to the roots and slippery ground.  Some of it was steep and challenging… however to me, that is a great challenge to conquer!!

Piha Track – Easy – nice start to a 4hr trek, smelt fresh the track was smooth, it was a very gentle warm up.

McKenzie – Medium and Hard in parts – The track turns to a goat track with roots exposed and its a steady incline testing your fitness levels.  I could here lots of Tui’s but never seen them.

Quarry Track – Medium – it did level out slightly, level as in a slight incline! Beautiful track though.

We turned off to the lookout and I’m so glad we did, its only a 10min walk further up but once at the lookout its worth a moment of silence to appreciate the vast land they call the Waitakere Ranges.

Centennial Track – Medium – Could definitely say easy in parts but sometimes the ground was rough and slippery.  This was a nice descent down to the river.  Couple of narly places to climb down rocks but there is a rail to hold onto.  Great view from that one spot too.   This track took us all the way down to Home track where we seen our first other tramper on the track.  He was from Japan, a little bit lost from using his print out so I showed him my ViewRanger app and he was very impressed!!

The second part of Centennial was a steady incline.  Again fitness was tested but it was easier than the first climb.

Home Track and Winstone Track – Easy – this was a smooth track most of the way.

Kauri Grove Track – Easy – we arrived at the top of the waterfall, great photo op! We had lunch here.


Connect Track – Easy – descent all the way to the bottom of the waterfall, this is where we seen heaps of people.  It actually gave us a strange feeling to see all of these people in the one place, especially after seeing only one person the entire track.

Kitekite Track – Easy – descent and flat walk all the way back to the carpark.

I will do this track again for sure!!

You can download this track from my ViewRanger profile, GPS secured!

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