Month: February 2015

Quinoa Afternoon Boost

  This is so easy, I always have Quinoa, nuts and almond milk handy.  Today, I really couldn’t be bothered with another salad so I quickly whipped this up.  You can have it for breakfast too, its a great starter for the day. Quinoa Afternoon Boost Vegan / Dairy-Fee / Gluten Free 1/2 – 1 cup of any cooked Quinoa – have more if hungry 1/2 cup mixed nuts 1/2 cup dried fruit Few berrys or any fruit – I use frozen berries, they defrost quickly Lemon Zest Drizzle Olive Oil Almond Milk – I make mine but organic versions are always nice to buy and have in the fridge for these moments Add the Quinoa to a plate/bowl,  zest the lemon and drizzle the olive oil.  Throw on the nuts, fruit and berries.   Add your Almond Milk and hey presto you have a quick sustaining afternoon boost!  Its that easy, but add what ever you want to it to make it tastier.  Some people add salt but I’m good without it.

Piha – Centennial Track

4hrs Medium . If it rains, be very careful where you are walking due to the roots and slippery ground.  Some of it was steep and challenging… however to me, that is a great challenge to conquer!! Piha Track – Easy – nice start to a 4hr trek, smelt fresh the track was smooth, it was a very gentle warm up. McKenzie – Medium and Hard in parts – The track turns to a goat track with roots exposed and its a steady incline testing your fitness levels.  I could here lots of Tui’s but never seen them. Quarry Track – Medium – it did level out slightly, level as in a slight incline! Beautiful track though. We turned off to the lookout and I’m so glad we did, its only a 10min walk further up but once at the lookout its worth a moment of silence to appreciate the vast land they call the Waitakere Ranges. Centennial Track – Medium – Could definitely say easy in parts but sometimes the ground was rough and slippery. …

Te Hapu Bay

After a whole year in Auckland, I can finally escape the traffic, the paleo cafes, the smell of coffee  and parking fines.  Boxing Day 2014, I fly to the Nelson to be with family.  The next day we load up the Ute and then we are gone!… off to the West Coast, South Island.  It takes about 3 hours and the last hour is dirt road, how I just love a dirt road.   Sliding the Ute on the dirt, making dust trails behind me, knowing that there is hardly anyone on that road.  The road into Te Hapu Bay is steep in places, if you weren’t already intimidated by the dirt road this will test you.  If you’ve grown up in the country, you are home! Te Hapu, this is my chill out Bach! I’m surrounded by my family, friends, the rugged west coast weather, Texas Holdem Poker!  I need this time to reset, to think, to rest.