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Omaio Bay

Te Huinga (Jack) Karauna… my Nana Pa, built this little bach for my Nanny Rima and his whanau. They have both since passed but the memories are still very close, both very loving people who taught me a lot about living off the land.

Omaio is a secluded bay and remains as it was yesterday, there are no beach front developments and I’m yet to see a yuppie walking with latte in one hand and cell phone in the other.  The locals are friendly, most of them speak Te Reo which was so beautiful to hear.  The weather is hot.   There is no shower, there is a creek! There is no cell phone reception here, you are completely oblivious to what is going on in society, which is fantastic!   There is no power,  this makes you get up, go collect Kai Moana (Seafood), go for walks, talk to people and at night, you play cards next to the candle and you write the scores on the back of a beer box!  … this is my family bach in Omaio Bay, Bay of Plenty (New Zealand).

Not sure why I came back to the city.  Living off the grid is healthy!


Omaio Bay


Our Bach





Lounge, kitchen, dinning room and bedroom window


No mod cons in this kitchen


That is my mum and dads signature from 1978, visitors book.


Air conditioning


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