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Just for a moment

You should stop, for just a moment.  Get out of  the car, go for a walk, don’t talk, just listen.  What do you hear? What can you see? For me… I hear the water lapping against an old Bach on the Waikato River.  I don’t even know who’s Bach it is, I can’t see inside but for me I can picture the family that grew up here, the stories, the drama’s.   The only thing that matters to me at this point is that I stopped for a moment, to listen.


If you listen carefully, you can here the people.




I want to know who it belongs to, but then again I like that I can imagine who lives here.





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I live in New Zealand, hiking, travelling and foraging the great outdoors. Exploring one topo map at a time! #kiwi #naturelover

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